Airwave Gazebos

Below i am going to give you a brief introduction to all Airwave gazebos.

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What sizes are available?

The Airwave gazebo range

Airwave hexagonal gazebo

There are lots of sizes of the Airwave gazebo available.

Click below on one your preferred sizes to visit my review.

  1. Airwave gazebo 2 x 2m
  2. Airwave 2.5 x 2.5m gazebo
  3. Airwave 3 x 3m gazebo
  4. Airwave 3 x 3 canopy only
  5. Airwave 3 x 4m party tent / gazebo / marquee
  6. Airwave 6 x 3m large gazebo
  7. Airwave 3.5m hexagonal gazebo
  8. Airwave 4.5m x 3m gazebo
  9. Airwave 3 x 9m party tent / marquee / gazebo

Airwave also now do a BBQ shelter to help protect you whilst cooking for your guests.

Airwave bbq shelter

Click image to view on Amazon

This could be a great accompaniment to your new pop up gazebo.

Therefore letting you carry on cooking whilst taking the food to your guests that are in the gazebo sheltering from the rain.

The Airwave Gazebo

The Airwave gazebo is dispatched and sold by ECS Ltd.  They are experts in making outdoor shelters as well as equipment for;

  • Camping
  • Spas
  • Gazebos, Party tents and Marquees
  • BBQ’s
  • Gazebo spares

and garden furniture.

Check out my quick guide below to help you decide which size Airwave gazebo you may need.

Obviously, a lot of it is determined by how many guests you may require it for.

Here goes.

Airwave 2.5m x 2.5 gazebo

The 2.5m Airwave gazebo is certainly one of the most popular Airwave gazebos.

Airwave gazebo 2.5m in grey

Airwave 2.5 x 2.5 gazebo

I don’t know exactly how many the company sells from their own website.

What i do know though is that this website receives most of its traffic from people looking to buy this 2.5m sized gazebo.

So what do you get?

Provided in the package when you order from Amazon is a complete gazebo.

You will receive the waterproof canopy and sides, together with a steel, easy to build frame that pops out.

Then there’s the additional extras such as the wind bars, weight bags, guy ropes and tent pegs then offer further strength to the gazebo.

What can i use it for?

Due to the size of this 2.5m gazebo it makes it very easy and versatile as to the use of it.

You can use it on the garden, erect it on a campsite (please adhere to rules), put it up on a patio or decking.  It is also very popular for events such as; market stalls, car boot sales and fundraising events.

Go to our Airwave 2.5m gazebo review for more information

Airwave 3 x 3m gazebo with sides

This is by far the biggest seller of the entire Airwave gazebo range on Amazon.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very popular gazebo but it does have its fair share of not so complimentary reviews.

Why the negativity?

Airwave 3x3 Canopy only gazebo

Airwave 3×3 Canopy only

Generally, the feedback is good or at least positive.

What you will find is that with this 3x3m gazebo is that it is not great in windy conditions.

Understand more below.

Did you know?

Did you know that gazebos weren’t originally built from fabric or steel poles with plastic connectors.

It wasn’t until the last few years that eating outdoors become more and more popular that these were introduced.

Originally, gazebos were permanent outdoor pavilion structures made out of brick, wood and steel.

As mentioned above.  Gazebos and eating outdoors became even more popular.

However, not everyone can afford or want a permanent brick, steel or wooden gazebo fixed in their garden and therefore the pop up gazebo was created.

Anyway, back to the 3x3m gazebo 

Gazebo canopy bbq

Ideal for BBQ’s on your garden

This gazebo has some negativity and this is due to the wind.  What buyers were finding is that it doesn’t stand up well to wind.

If i’m being honest, what some people were expecting is quite remarkable and damn right silly.

In a nutshell, this gazebo isn’t designed or claimed to be windproof.

However, some buyers still insist on trying to build it themselves in windy conditions and also leave it up all year round.

What do you get when you buy the 3x3m gazebo

As with all Airwave gazebos you will receive all the components in which to build a fully complete gazebo.

The 3×3 gazebo is very versatile like all the Airwave gazebos.

However, to prevent any problems or damage i personally recommend following these simple instructions. 

  1. Do not leave up overnight
  2. Do not use in bad weather or in the winter
  3. Use all equipment that is supplied (Tent pegs, leg weights, wind bars and guy ropes)
  4. Do not attempt to build it by yourself (min 2 people, ideally 4)
  5. Do not force any part

Following those guidelines should mean that you won’t face the same outcome as the people that left negative feedback.

This is a good quality gazebo that is very nicely built, for a sensible price.

This isn’t is an indestructible gazebo. 

This gazebo is a canopy only gazebo and therefore doesn’t come with sides.

Airwave Gazebo 3 x 4m

Airwave Gazebo 3 x 4m

The Airwave 3x4m Party Tent This Airwave 3x4m Party Tent is also regarded by many who have bought this as more of a large gazebo/marquee. The main attraction to buyers of this structure is the size of it and although the gazebo is measured at 3x4m it is absolutely huge inside. The frame is made of steel and ...

Airwave 6 x 3m Gazebo

Airwave 6 x 3m Gazebo

Airwave 6 x 3  gazebo The Airwave Gazebo 6 x 3  is a fantastic addition for anyone looking to entertain a lot of guests outside. This large 6x3m gazebo is certainly value for money as long as you have the room for it. Click Image For More Colours As with all the Airwave products it has a very similar ...