All Seasons Gazebos

There’s lot of different types of All seasons gazebos available.

All Seasons gazebo

All Seasons 3x3m gazebo

Many are of very similar build or even some being the same build but have different additional features such as;

  1. Sides included
  2. Some classed as ‘heavy duty’
  3. Carry bag included
  4. Different sizes

and obviously a wide range of colours too.

What’s so good about the All seasons gazebo?

There’s lots to like about the All seasons gazebo but as you’d expect they all come at a price.

Whilst there are cheaper pop up gazebos available, quite often they can be lacking in what they claim they can do.  Some will claim to be heavy duty or waterproof and at the first sign of rain they collapse or leak.

The All seasons gazebo range are known for their strength, ability to keep you dry and able to use time and time again.

Here’s the makes that are available. There’s lots more but these are the ones that i have reviewed so far.

All Seasons Gazebo 2×2

all seasons 2x2m gazebo waterproof canopy

This small, but very strong gazebo is ideal for the smaller garden or an event without too many guests.

Unlike many pop up gazebos this shelter is very strong and waterproof.  This is a regular feature of the All seasons gazebo.

No matter what the size they all appear to be built with the same intentions in mind, to keep you dry and able to use them over and over again.

This particular gazebo doesn’t have sides.  It’s ok, there are several different versions of this gazebo that come in bigger sizes and also ones that are fully enclosed with 4 sides.

Check out all the different versions at the bottom of this page.

All Seasons 3x3m with sides

all seasons 3x3m heavy duty gazebo available on Amazon

As you can see with this All seasons that it has sides.  When all 4 sides are down it really gives a secure and warmer experience.

There are a wide range of colours of this size of gazebo.  You can view this gazebo at the bottom to see its current price on Amazon and also see my in depth review.

Why should i buy an All Seasons gazebo?

All seasons gazebos are all alike when it comes to strength.

They are all strong!

That’s right.

Regardless of the size of the gazebo you can be assured that when bought from All seasons that it will be very strong.

Is the material thick?

Strong frame with thick canopy material

Concertina frame with thick material canopy

The steel frame is very sturdy and together with it comes a very thick waterproof canopy.

The material is waterproof.  Not showerproof, water resistant or anything like that, it is what is stated, WATERPROOF!

The reason why iv’ve reiterated that statement is that there’s all kinds of gazebo manufacturers that claim their product to be waterproof when in fact it isn’t.