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Anchor Weights For Your Popup Gazebo


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On the market there are some great gazebo weights specifically designed to anchor down your Gazebo legs and frame.

Whenever you use your gazebo there is always that underlying worry.


That given a little bit of wind that your gazebo can easily end up on either a neighbours property or another campsite.

Damaged Gazebo

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This short guide will show you how to be the stand out on any campsite or wherever your pop up gazebo is pitched by having the most secure gazebo and also tips on buying the correct Gazebo weights

In this section it is important that you should know what type of weights to buy for your Gazebo and exactly how they will help secure your gazebo and make it much more;

  • Sturdy
  • Strong
  • Windproof
  • Secure


The 1st Gazebo weight up for review is the Airwave Leg Weights (Set of 4)

Airwave Leg Weights

The Airwave Leg Weights that are made by ECS Ltd are the most popular Gazebo leg weight sold on amazon (Bestseller)

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Once you have placed your order you will receive the following;

  1. 4 x Gazebo Leg Weights
  2. Bolts To Attach Together Around Your Gazebo Legs
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Airwave Leg Weights

Give your Airwave Gazebo (Or Another Brand) extra stability and strength by adding these Leg Weights. They can be filled with sand or water. Each Leg weight can hold 8 Litres of water.

  • Easily Attached
  • Use on wide range of Pop Up Gazebos
  • Just Fill with Sand or Water
  • Heavy Enough For Patio / Concrete Use
  • Filling Tops Can Pop Open
  • Bit Awkward To Fill Up
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How To Attach the Airwave Leg Weights To Your Gazebo

On opening your order you will find the following below.

Gazebo Weights for gazebo frame legs

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The image above you can see (sorry its not that clear but i’ll explain it below) shows certain sections of your gazebo leg weights

The 2 left hand arrows point to the clamping section of the weights.

Each gazebo weight arrives in 2 sections.

These sections are each connected together with 2 bolts (All bolts provided)

Once your gazebo is built you can attach the leg weights to your gazebo

See image below

Gazebo Leg Weights Side View

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As you can see on the image.

Towards the top right and bottom left of this image you can clearly see the fill sections.

These sections are where the support and strength comes from to help your gazebo become much more sturdy and therefore wind resistant / windproof.

These sections can be filled with water or sand.

For ultimate strength we recommend that you fill with sand and then gradually pour water on the sand to wet it.

This will make your weight much heavier and therefore more sturdy.

Can I Use My Gazebo On Concrete?

An often asked question is whether these types of Gazebo weights will work on a hard surface such as concrete.  Quite simply put, Yes you can.

We would also recommend that you use every single item of Gazebo wind proofing that came with your Gazebo when you ordered it.

By that we especially mean, if your Gazebo came with Guy ropes then we strongly advise you to use them


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