Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebo – Buyers Review Guide 2017

Buckingham Gazebo

Buckingham Gazebo

Deciding which heavy duty gazebo to buy can be very difficult given the amount of choice available.

There seem to be gazebos literally popping up from everywhere…

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Here you will find our best heavy duty gazebo reviews.  Read further….

Heavy Duty Gazebos

We will highlight what we believe to be the best heavy duty gazebos in 2017.

Please read below….

Heavy Duty Gazebos

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It’s ok for us to point out to you the consumer what we believe to be the best heavy duty gazebos in the range.

However, the determining factor is ‘What purpose do you want your heavy duty gazebo to serve?

Below we will include all the possible uses as well as the pro’s and con’s of each type of heavy duty gazebo….

Here a table to highlight a few available before our reviews

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Now you’ve seen our list let’s check out the review….

1. All Seasons 3x3m Gazebo – Available Since 2015

all seasons 3x3m heavy duty gazebo available on Amazon

First up in our heavy duty gazebo review guide for 2017 is the 3x3m gazebo from All Seasons.

When it comes to heavy duty, durable pop up gazebos then All Seasons know what they’re talking about.

There gazebos are very strong due to the quality of the materials used and make these gazebos / marquees what they are today.

All the images we post for each review will be of that particular gazebo.

You may notice that some of the images may be different colours to the original gazebo first mentioned.  this is purely for the reason that there are more colours available.

More will be revealed further down

That’s enough about the company now let’s get on with the gazebo itself.

Product Description:

This All Seasons gazebo is built primarily for strength and weather resistance.

The canopy and frame are both designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.  Together with the added extras such as the leg weights and the tent pegs that come as part of this package, only further reinforce what is already a very strong, heavy duty gazebo.

As you can see below.  The roof section also has many struts that add further strength.

all seasons gazebo roof with struts

Struts In Roof Section

These struts are part of the frame of the gazebo.  Which means when you stretch out the gazebo the struts automatically fall in place as they’re part of the gazebos frame.

Quite often with cheaper, not so well-made gazebos you will receive wind bars to help strengthen the roof / canopy section.  With the struts being part of the frame it makes it much easier to build as you are not adding anything extra.

To understand just how waterproof this gazebo is, it was been tested using a regular garden hose.  The hose was pointed above the canopy of the gazebo and water still didn’t penetrate the 260g waterproof material.

Once it hits the top of the canopy it then runs down the sides.

What’s in the box?

Here’s exactly what you get when your gazebo arrives.[alert-success]Fully Waterproof Canopy[/alert-success]

The waterproof canopy can withstand constant heavy downpours and still provide you with a perfectly dry enclosure.

The sides are made from the same material as the canopy but just seem a little thinner to the touch.

All Seasons Waterproof Canopy

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This appears to possibly be a design choice.  Obviously during heavy downpours the rain comes down far more vertical so therefore a fully waterproof canopy is essential as this takes the full brunt during torrential rain (which this gazebo has).

However, we believe that due to the side panels (although they’re made of the same material) being a little thinner, we consider it to due to be for the reason that during heavy downpours the sides are not under the same kind of pressure as the canopy.

Therefore, the rain just drips down the sides and don’t need to be of the same strength/resistance as the canopy.

As you can also see above. The canopy fits snugly over the frame and also has a small eye section to thread the guy rope through should you need to.  The gazebo can also be stored without detaching

[alert-success]Rust Resistant, Powder Coated Frame[/alert-success]

Powder Coated, Rust Resistant FrameThe canopy as mentioned above and also further down this article  are what set this gazebo apart from the others.

You can see just how much time and effort has been put into ensuring that  the canopy can not only resist heavy rain but the frame can withstand the downward pressure too.

There’s simply no point having a waterproof canopy like the All Seasons gazebo if constant rain is going to damage the frame.

The image shows you just how thick the frame is.  The vertical bar is the frame and the slightly thinner, horizontal bars are the struts.


[alert-success]4 x Leg Weight Bags[/alert-success]

As you can see above. The canopy fits snugly over the frame and also has a small eye section to thread the guy rope through.


  • 1 x Heavy duty carry bag
  • 4 x leg weight bags
  • 8 x Tent pegs
  • 4 pieces rope
  • 1 Year frame warranty





What makes this different

What fixings do I need




All Seasons Features


Versatility & Strength

Free Leg Weights

Value For Money

More about the All Seasons Gazebo

How To Setup the All Seasons Heavy Duty Gazebo



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