Finding the best Large Gazebo For Sale

Sometimes gazebos just don’t seem big enough when you’re looking for a large gazebo for sale that can cover a lot of guests.

You find yourself searching all over the internet for a ‘large gazebo’ when in fact when they start getting towards that kind of size manufacturers actually tend to start calling them Party tents and also the more popular term, a Marquee.

Below we’re going to review 10 of what we believe to best the best Party tent and Marquees available for sale .

Select your preference.

We’ll also be adding our own opinions and also provide you with a better understanding of the versatility and limitations of each pavilion style structures.

Here goes….

Primrose Marquee – 6x6m Party Tent

Large Gazebo for sale

Primrose Marquee – 6x6m PartyTent


This large marquee from Primrose covers a vast area of 36 square meters.  It really is a good quality standard marquee which combines quality, durability and also flexibility, together with it’s easy to build aspect.

It’s particularly useful for Parties and shows, as well as an outdoor storage unit, weddings and also exhibitions.

Check this out below, clearly you can see it’s even been used to store a sizable sailing boat.

Large Gazebo used for storage

Marquee used for storage

Available in only in white, this very versatile and elegant canopy with sides can be used for a wide range of uses, such as cover for wedding guests to storage for large vehicles, as you can see.

What’s Included?

  • 240g PE canopy
  • 2 x 180g PE sidewalls.
  • Frame made from 38mm powder coated steel tubes. Connectors 42mm.
  • Corner ropes and pegs included
  • Industrial strength zips and heavy duty eyelets
  • Number of doors (end panels): 2
  • Number of windows on each side: 3
  • Easy to assemble; full step-by-step instructions included.
  • 2 years manufacturers guarantee.

Pro’s and Con’s

  • Easy To Build
  • Excellent Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Built To Last
  • Waterproof
  • Good in Windy conditions
  • Very Sturdy
  • Plenty of room for Tables and Chairs
  • Ground Fixing Pegs Included
  • Complies with Fire safety regulations
  • Can leave up overnight


  • No Storage Bag
  • Roof May Leak Over Time

Ideal Uses

As with all party tents and marquees,  especially of this size can offer far more options when it comes to usage.  Many uses include:

  • Weddings and Family Functions
  • Commercial / Exhibition shows
  • Dog & Pet shows
  • Mini Market
  • Festivals
  • Beer Tent

This type of structure is especially popular with organisers of shows and events.  The organisers or contractors erect the tents and large gazebos well before the guests arrive and these types of event shelters are used for large events such as;

  • Grand National & Similar Events
  • Music Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Athletic / Sporting Events
  • Beer Tents


  • Homes with Small Gardens
  • Areas With Very Uneven Ground

Reasons To Buy

If you’re looking at holding your own event and want to cover a large area, to accommodate lots of guest, keep them dry and in a secure but temporary structure then this large party tent is perfect for you.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in white, however, due to this marquee having been made from good quality material the white look actually has a very elegant, professional and quality look to it.


The Primrose 6×6 heavy duty party tent is very popular party tent amongst the buyers on Amazon.  Although currently there hasn’t been loads of sales, on the plus side the ones that have bought the party tent are very pleased with its performance.

This item is definitely worth purchasing if it ticks your boxes for what you need from this type of structure.  Basically, it’s a large structure that can keep a lot of people dry, can easily add tables and chairs inside, protects you from the wind and is relatively easy to put up and take down.


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Quictent Marquee 6.8 x 5 Octagonal Gazebo

Marquee For Sale

Quictent 6.8x5m Octagonal Party Tent /  Marquee


This smart, well equipped Marquee from manufacturer Quictent has been designed to ensure that strength, versatility and uniqueness is paramount.

The relatively unique shape provides a very roomy feel to this large gazebo type structure and only adds further to its attractiveness.

When reviewing these types of pavilion type structures, basically the price is often indicative to the quality, strength, durability and also effectiveness of the gazebo itself.

Further down this post we will highlight all these features, with both the pro’s and con’s.

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 Steel frame with heavy duty connectors
  • 1 Heavy duty, waterproof canopy
  • 6 Sidewalls with windows
  • 2 Full length zipper doors
  • 24 Tent Pegs
  • 8 Guy Ropes
  • Instruction Manual

Your item will arrive in 3 boxes, all delivered together

Technical Specifications

Size: 5X6.8M, Octagon
Height: 3.35M to the top, 2M to the edge
Door size: Width 2M, Height 2M
Window size: 148X135cm.

[stextbox id=”alert”]The window can not be opened, but the whole window sidewall is removable[/stextbox];
Roof cover material: 300g PVC, UV protected, waterproof;
Door and window sidewall material: 300g PVC, UV protected, waterproof;
Frame material: Heavy duty steel, powder coated, diameter 36mm, thickness 1.2mm;
Joint connector material: Heavy duty steel, powder coated, diameter 38mm, thickness 1.2mm;
Item comes in 3 boxes;
Box No1: 247X23X14cm, 28Kg;
Box No2: 201X17X11cm, 10Kg;
Box No3: 70X38X32cm, 26Kg;

Pro’s and Con’s

  • Withstand Bad Weather
  • Waterproof
  • Strong
  • Built To Last
  • Very Sturdy
  • Large Inside
  • Plenty of room for Tables and Chairs
  • Good Quality Material
  • Perfect for parties
  • Ground Fixing Pegs Included
  • Suitable to leave up overnight


  • No Storage Bag
  • Pooling can occur around edge of canopy

[stextbox id=”alert”]The pooling that can occur can be reduced  just by making the apex of the tent higher.  It will therefore then stretch the roof fabric tighter,  virtually removing the risk of pooling.


Ideal Uses

There are several uses for the Quictent 6.8m x 5m octagonal tent.  All the regular uses that these kinds of marquees applies to this marquee too but what this marquee offers is a distinct tent look with it’s unusual steep 2 point roof.

Ideal uses are;

  • Parties of large scale
  • Ideal for flea markets
  • Changing rooms
  • Wedding and Family Events
  • Ideal for vehicle storage
  • Business Use
  • Exhibitions and similar events

Reasons To Buy

Does the octagonal shape appeal to you?  Sometimes when finally deciding on buying a marquee the smallest margins matter when deciding between brands and shapes.

As I’ve mentioned before and about to again, the majority of these larger gazebos / tents are all much the same but with very slight variables.  But all essentially pretty much do the same.

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