Outdoor Wasp Trap


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Eating outdoors can be great, however when the good weather finally arrives, then so door the little creatures it brings with it.  This is when a Wasp trap comes in handy

swarm of wasps

Many of them are nothing to worry about but unfortunately some can be a little more intrusive than others such as the types with wings

  • Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Bees
  • Flies

and more….

But now we’ve found a way to stop your party or gathering from being ruined by the simple, pesticide free wasp, bee, hornet and fly trap. Check out this wasp trap below

Bee Hive Shaped Wasp Trap

wasp trap

Wasp Trap


This Bee hive shaped wasp and flying insect trap makes removing those unwanted pests away from your outdoor party area.

As we all know there’s nothing worse than having your party running smoothly then a wasp or bee is attracted and everybody begins to panic and start waving their arms around to deter the wasp but actually only make it angry and then ends up stinging a guest.

Well, this bee hive wasp trap can prevent all that!

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hanging wasp trap

Hanging Wasp Trap

  1. Simply pour sugared water solution, fruit juice or honey into trap
  2. Place a suitable distance away from your event / party
  3. Easy to empty
  4. Easy to hang or place on table

This very popular type of trap can ensure that your guests relax at your party that you have spent so long worrying about and organising, don’t let wasps or bees spoil it.

This trap measures just 14.5 cm which also means it’s light.


Bee Hive Shaped Wasp Trap - Natural Pesticide-Free Solution To Outdoor Pests


Outdoor Wasp Trap
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