Primrose Gazebo 3x3m

Primrose Gazebo 3x3m

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Here’s our review of the Primrose 3×3 Gazebo, then afterwards it’s up to you whether you go ahead and buy.

Word of caution though, come the month of May through to July/August,  gazebos do sell very well.

So it’s best not to delay for too long as certain stocks may be limited or even unavailable when you intend on buying

Primrose 3x3m gazebo

Primrose gazebo 3x3m

Primrose 3×3 gazebo canopy


  • Ideal For Shade & Shelter
  • Steel Frame Adds Strength
  • Water Resistant
  • Easy To Follow Instructions
  • Cheap & Affordable
  • Very Easy To Build
  • Large



  • Not Good In Windy Conditions
  • Not Waterproof

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What’s in the box?

what you get for your money

what you get for your money

  • Water Resistant Canopy
  • Steel Frame Poles
  • Guy Ropes





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Overall Score

8.5 Total Score

A gazebo that protects you from the sun, light rain and very light winds. Represents good value for money but don't expect it to protect you from high winds. This is not what it's designed for....

  • Good for shade
  • Very roomy inside
  • Good value
  • Not very strong
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  • Water Resistant

Water resistant means that obviously it can resist a certain amount of rainfall.  Simply put, this gazebo is not waterproof.  It can resist a light shower and keep you dry but it can’t withstand constant rainfall.

  • Steel Frame

The steel frame is powder coated to maintain the colour and add further strength.

  • Good Value

In all honesty, how can I knock this gazebo given the price.  How Primrose can make a gazebo this cheap and provide the decent level of features that they have is quite remarkable.

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Reason To Buy

If you’re looking for an easy to build gazebo, from a reputable company that keeps you protected from the sun’s harmful rays and the odd shower then this is for you.

This gazebo is recommended for you to buy but we insist you must be buying this gazebo merely as a shelter from the sun’s rays and not a windproof gazebo

Last updated on July 10, 2017 6:16 pm


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Instruction Manual

How to build the Primrose 3 x3 m Gazebo

Firstly, here’s a few pre-setup checks.

Primrose do carry out vigorous quality checks before their product is released for delivery after the sale of it.  However, they do use 3rd party couriers, so therefore problems may then occur.

Primrose is also willing to help with aftercare of their gazebos,  please ensure you do get in touch quite soon after the delivery of your gazebo.

Check out the image below

3x3_budget Marquee_instructions

3x3_budget Marquee_instructions


Step 1

The roof frame

  •  It is a good idea to lay all the frame and joint parts out as shown in the image below using the diagram above as a reference.
Lay out frame & parts on floor

Lay out frame & parts on floor

This way you can check that you have received all of the parts and that none are faulty. You must do this before you start erecting the party tent.

  • Join all the roof poles together making sure that the spring is holding them in place (see image below)


connect poles with spring

connect poles with spring


  • Connect all the plastic corner joints to the poles, making sure that the poles clip into the correct plastic joints as shown in the image at the top of this setup section. 


connect frame with correct joints

connect frame with correct joints

Step 2

Attaching the roof canopy

Your gazebo should look like this

Your gazebo should now look like this

Top Tip

It’s far easier to put the canopy on now without the legs attached

  • Unfold the roof fabric onto the roof frame and make sure that you have the fabric up the right way.

An easy way to tell this is to look at where the legs would join- there will be a strip of fabric to cover the leg poles, on this seam will be a loop for which the guy ropes are attached: this must be on the outside. (see image)

canopy with loops

canopy with loops

  • At one end of the marquee (3m wide end) hook the roof fabric over the corner joints so that it fits snugly.

Ease the fabric along the frame up to the other end and do the same. This should result in a tight-fitting roof that will help hold the frame in place.


Step 3

It’s now time to attach the legs

  1. Each leg section comes in 2 parts
  2. Attach all the top parts of the legs first ideally all at the same time

Please Note:

If you don’t have 4 people to attach the top legs at the same time then please attach 1 leg at a time

Once you have attached all the top poles, then continue and attach all the foot poles.


Step 4

Now step under the gazebo and attach the roof to the frame poles as below

attach roof with the velcro straps

attach roof with the velcro straps

next hook the leg covers into the hole on the leg poles

hook leg covers into poles

hook leg covers into poles

and finally….

Step 4

Attaching the walls and doors

The side window panels and larger end panels can be easily attached or removed, so you can add any combination you require. It is also perfectly safe to have none at all.

  1. Side window panels and end panels are attached to the marquee frame by way of Velcro straps. Make sure that the end panels and the window panels are the right way up before fixing. This can be easily identified as the side with no Velcro straps should be at the bottom touching the ground.
  2. It is easier to attach the two top corner Velcro straps on each panel before attaching the rest

Thanks for reading.

Some of the instructions above were kindly provided by Primrose Ltd


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