VonHaus Electric Patio Heater


Introducing the VonHaus Electric Patio Heater….

Vonhaus free standing electric garden patio heater

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Technical Features

  • Free standing Patio Heater
  • 2000 Watt
  • 3 Heater Settings
  • Free 2 Year Warranty
  • Powerful quartz tube heating element
  • Long Lamp Life (Upto 2500 Hours)
  • Instant Heat and Light (Light provided from the heated element)
  • Adjustable in height
  • Height = Minimum – 174.5 cm & Maximum – 210 cm
  • Fitted with Safety Over-Heat protection feature
  • Strong black steel free standing structure with heavy base for stability
  • Ideal for Domestic and Commercial uses
  • Weatherproof safety rated to IPX4*

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*The Weatherproof safety means that it is suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

Furthermore, this patio heater is great for gardens, patios, decking, summer houses, gazebos, garages & more!

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Patio Heater Fully Supplied

Everything That you Get When Bought

About the Manufacturer

The VonHaus range are especially known for a high quality range of tools.

Furthermore, they combine functionality, reliability, usability and quality with the aim to make life easier in and around your home.

In addition to the above their range of products are constantly being improved.  Not through design failures but with the ethic of continuous improvement.

Some of there products are better known than others…..

In addition to patio heaters and other garden equipment their other products include;

  • Vacuum & Steam Cleaners
  • Varying types of heating appliances
  • D.I.Y including Drills and Drill sets and telescopic ladders
  • Strong and sturdy racking for the home and garden

How To The Build Patio Heater

This patio heater is extremely easy to build.  I’d be tempted to go into depth but I just can’t.

It’s simply a 5 piece heater.

5 Piece Heater from VonHaus

5 Piece Heater from VonHausEverything That you Get When Bought


  1. Lay the base on the floor (Carefully, as understandably it’s quite heavy due to being sturdy)
  2. Connect the 3 piece stand together. This fits together easily.
  3. Attach the lamp onto the top if the stand.

and finally, this is what your heater will look like built

Free Standing Vonhaus heater

Free Standing Vonhaus heater

Best bits

  • Simple to build as mentioned above…. Hence, it takes 1 person just 15 minutes to build (maximum)
  • Weatherproof – So you can use your patio heater for a wide range of purposes

Most noteworthy are uses such as mentioned below;

  • Indoor & outdoor use.  It’s also great for your garden, patio, decking, summer houses, gazebos, and garages.
  • Provides Instant Heat & Light & Also very cost effective
  • 4 Settings Including; 0,1,2,3

0 = Off

1 = 650W

2 = 1350W

3 = 2000W (Full whack)

  • Can be left outside all year round – Just needs covering
  • Safe to use in Marquees & Gazebos
  • Very easy to adjust height
Patio Heater

Patio Heater


Read our verdict below

Finally, The Verdict

The design of this garden patio heater is fantastic, it’s very clear that a lot of thought has gone into creating this premium patio heater and at an affordable price tag.

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Apart from just the design, we also found that the heater was very versatile.

Not just by being a portable heater (even more portable with an extension cable attached) but also the adjustments in heat extraction but also little things like the head adjustment and also the height.

The heater wasn’t tested in high winds but given the weight of the base we believe it would be fine in normal breezy conditions.

One being the standing pole is strong but also relatively thin so the wind will not force it over.

Secondly, like we said above about the base weight being heavy enough for decent strength breezes.

The VonHaus electric patio heater also comes with a 2 year warranty.

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