About Me

I’m Charlie Winters and I work with a small group of people from around the world who write articles to help visitors such as yourself who need information about;

There’s so much more I can include but you can see the vast majority of my articles here.

About Me

I’m Charlie Winters and I’m 27 years old and now reside in Florida, US but was born in Nottinghamshire in the Uk.  That’s quite a journey, it’s actually 4324 miles to be totally accurate.

My parents split and my father went to the US and took me with him (including my sister…).  Life’s been good since and you may be wondering how I started my interest in gazebos and outdoor structures.

I always loved tents and camping outdoors, whether it was in my own garden in the UK on the lawn or going on a camping holiday (vacation) to Spain.

In the last few months of 2021, I learned how to do my own website, and began writing info articles about my love of gazebos and canopies and it’s grown since there…

My Topics

I have picked a few main topics to write about.  I believe if I spread myself too thin across a wide range of subjects then my expertise will wain and that’s not the right thing to do.

Here are my main topics:

Hardtop gazebos are freestanding, solid roofed gazebos that can be left outdoors all year round due to their strength, stability, durability, and their ability to withstand wind and snow load.

For clarity, hardtop gazebos in the U.K are known generally as polycarbonate gazebos or metal gazebos.

Soft top gazebos are common with people that require a cheaper alternative to the hardtop gazebo but still have the ability to provide shade and protection against light rain.

The fabric canopy of a soft-top gazebo should be removed before winter.  High winds, snow, and heavy rain will damage the fabric, and the snow load could break the frame.

Soft top gazebos are referred to as fabric or metal framed gazebos in the U.K.

This temporary canopy has all kinds of different names such as; EZ-UP canopy, pop-up canopy tents, pop-up gazebos, frame tents, etc.  All those names are kind of crazy but that’s why my site exists…

In the US, canopy tents or the UK, where they’re known as pop-up gazebos they’re regularly used for summer shade for all types of sporting events, commercial use, and personal use.

I don’t own a pergola, so my team writes my articles about pergolas.  It wouldn’t be fair of me to write about something that I don’t know much about.

Pergolas are perfect for secret gardens where you can relax by yourself under a pergola with flowers wrapped around the uprights and the overhead beams and read or have a drink…

You can buy lots of necessary equipment and also gadgets to help you improve your outdoor shade area and I try to recommend the best accessories and how to use them.

All The Best…

Charlie Winters