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How to Install and Attach Shade Sails?

They are commonly used outside restaraunts Is your backyard completely bare when it comes to trees and the shade they can provide? Are you constantly having ...

How to Winterize a Gazebo & Easy Ways to Do It

For many homeowners, their gazebo is a favorite spot to enjoy a nice afternoon outside in their backyard during those warm and sunny summer months. These ...

How Long do Gazebos Last?

Most will stand the test of time.... Are you tempted to buy a gazebo but you're wondering how long it will last? It all depends on the type of gazebo you ...

5 Top Rated Fans to Keep Your Gazebo Cool During Summer… Reviewed For 2022

Pop up gazebos are great but unfortunately, in the summer they can get really hot inside and that's when a decent fan comes in handy to have in or near your ...

Top Rated Wooden Gazebo Kits (Japanese, Octagon & Willow)

Given the surge in popularity of wooden gazebo kits, a lot of companies have jumped on the bandwagon of gazebo manufacturing. They are a fantastic focal point ...

Heavy Duty Pergola Kits for Your Patio & Garden… Reviewed For 2022

If you're looking for something to give your garden a little more structure, without necessarily taking up lots of space, then a pergola might be an excellent ...

Best Mini Greenhouses to Grow Veg at Home…  Reviewed for 2022

If you're like us here at Gazebo Jungle then we're sure you're fed up with all of the scaremongering about the U.K running out of fresh fruit and vegetables ...

Best Garden Swing Chairs for Relaxing Outdoors… Reviewed for 2022

A swing chair should be considered essential for your garden as they provide a natural way to relax outdoors.  These products ensure comfort and are ...

Extra Large & Sturdy Waterproof Marquees for Weddings & Christenings

Buying the best marquee for your money can be tricky... Firstly, you need to ensure you buy a waterproof marquee that will ensure that you, your guests or ...

The 5 Best Outdoor Dog Houses for Small, Medium & Large Dogs From Leading Brands

Ensuring your dog is well protected and sheltered whilst sleeping or resting in its outdoor doghouse is paramount.  We all care deeply for our canine ...

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