3 Best Sets of Weights to Anchor Down Your Gazebo to Withstand Wind

by Charlie Winters

A set of gazebo weights is ideal to anchor your canopy down on wet and windy days.  Realistically, you shouldn’t use your canopy in bad weather but a suitable set of weights will help to hold it down.

There are 3 styles of weights to choose and they are sandbags or weight bags, fillable water weights, and iron weights that rest on top of the footplate of the canopy.

All you need to know before you pick a set of weights from below is what shape your canopy’s leg is and does it have a footplate at the bottom of the leg.


The Best Gazebo Weights Must Be…

  • Correct for the Job
  • Easy to Use
  • Strong & Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Store Away

Types of Gazebo Weights

Fillable weight bags, water containers & iron weights

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Are Gazebo Weights Any Good?

A set of gazebo weights used correctly are perfect for anchoring down your pop-up canopy or gazebo.

They are an easy way to add extra weight around the frame legs to help hold down your gazebo and stop your canopy’s legs from shifting side to side when windy and prevent them from snapping.

Do Gazebo Weights Work?

Put simply, if gazebo weights don’t work then there wouldn’t be a market for them.  So to answer your question, gazebo weights do work, as long as you choose the right set for your gazebo.

Which Type of Gazebo Weights Are The Best?

The best gazebo weights depend on which type of pop-up gazebo you own.  Gazebo frame legs can be round, square or triangular in shape and this dictates which type of weights you need.

  1. Sandbags or Weight Bags
  2. Water Weights (Containers)
  3. Footplate Weights 25kg

Sandbags or weight bags –  as they’re also known, have velcro straps and are attached around the leg itself.  You simply fill them up with rocks, soil, or sand.  Weight bags are ideal for round or square legs.

Water weights – these weights are basically rectangle containers that can be filled up with water and then clipped onto or around the frame.  Water weights are best for round legs.

Footplate Weights – Footplate weights are only suitable for pop-up gazebos/canopies that have metal plates at the bottom of each frame leg.  You are buying a heavy weight which is placed on top of the footplate.

Sandbag Weights for Round & Square Legs

This set of 4 all seasons leg weight bags is our preferred choice for many reasons.  The polyester bags are easy to fill up with weight and are simple to attach to round or square framed legs.

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You can use many different items to make the bags heavy such as soil, rocks, sand or you can fill an old pop bottle with water and place it inside.

The water method is a much cleaner way of adding extra weight to the frame legs but doesn’t add as much weight as filling the bags to the top with soil, sand or rocks.

A simple guide is; every 1 litre of water adds 1kg of weight.

Pros and cons


  • Add up to 40kg in weight to help stabilise
  • Use on square or round legs
  • Ideal for gazebos with or without sides
  • Realistically priced
  • Heavy-duty polyester bag


  • White velcro straps show up dirt

To attach the weights to the frame legs you simply tie the velcro strap around the legs and then fill the bags with your preferred heavy objects such as; soil, rocks, sand or filled water bottles.

With some sets of weights, the bag itself wraps around the frame leg, however, this can cause problems when you have a gazebo with sides as it’s not possible to pull the side panel over the weight bag.

This is one of the reasons why this set of bags is recommended as the bag can be twisted round to sit inside the gazebo and the outer part of the side panel just slips over the velcro.

Also, it doesn’t matter whether you have rounded or square legs because you just tighten the velcro straps securely around the frame legs and that’s it, oh and fill with water or sand, Simple…

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Water Weights for Gazebos with Round Legs

Airwave is a very popular brand in the gazebo industry and this particular set of airwave leg weights can be used on any of their pop up gazebos, party tents and other brands of gazebo too.

These particular weights clamp around the frame legs with screws that are tightened easily by hand and don’t require any tools.

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To fill them up I recommend using water as it’s so much easier to fill up and empty away than it is to using sand or soil out and there’s less mess.

Using water also means that it’s possible to fill them up when you want to use them rather than having to carry around heavy weights filled with sand.

Should you decide to use water then each container will add an extra 8kg to each leg, however, should you decide to use sand then you can expect 12kg per leg weight.

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Cast Iron Weights for Gazebo Footplates (Feet)

This set of heavy-duty cast iron gazebo leg weights is designed specifically for pop up gazebos and canopies that have footplates (feet).

Each weight weighs 13kg and you just slot the weight through the frame leg and it sits on top of the footplate so it can’t move.

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This ensures that the frame legs do not lift up or move from side to side when the wind picks up and means the feet stay firmly on the floor.

You can buy these weights in sets of 2, 4 or 6 from Amazon and they can be stacked on top of each other via the male and female slots.

These cast-iron weights are suitable for gazebo legs with a diameter of 52 mm (5.2cm) or less. This is so the slot in the weight can be pushed through the leg and sit on top of the footplate.

Most pop up gazebos have varying thicknesses of legs, however, they generally range from 3cm’s to 50 cm (30mm – 50mm).

Also, it doesn’t matter which shape the leg is, as long as it isn’t wider than 52mm.  Therefore, you can buy as many as you wish and keep stacking them up to add extra stability.

However, please bear in mind that because they are cast iron they aren’t cheap

Pros and cons


  • Heavy Duty
  • Simple to Use
  • Perfect for Gazebos with Sides
  • Last for Years
  • Carry Handle Built-In
  • 13kg Each
  • Packs of 2, 4 and 6 are available
  • Well Known Brand
  • Ideal for All Year Round


  • Not cheap…
  • Only suitable for gazebos with footplates (feet)

(It is advisable to place a weight on every footplate in order to properly anchor your canopy down)


Here’s what we particularly like about these Crocodile Trading metal weights.

Multi-Surface Use

Because this set of weights is extremely sturdy and just sit on the footplate, they can, therefore, be used on lots of different types of ground.

This set of weights are ideal for ground such as; concrete, deck, grass, sand, soil, block paving, patio, etc

They are equally as effective on the hard or soft ground…

Perfect for Stacking

Do you require a huge amount of sturdiness and don’t want to risk anything chance?  That’s fine, you can very easily stack multiple weights on top of each other.

They stack comfortably into each other via the male and female slots and provide huge amounts of extra stability to your frame.

Carry Handle

The clever design has ensured that there is a built-in handle which makes carrying them so much easier.  Each one weighs 13kg so it wouldn’t be advisable to carry more than one in each hand at a time.

Pre-Drilled Holes

The weights have 2 pre-drilled holes already in them which means that you can place stakes or tent pegs through the hole to help keep them in place.

Sometimes, although they will keep your gazebo anchored down, they can sometimes move a little when your canopy or gazebo is buffeted with very strong winds.

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