Extra Large & Sturdy Waterproof Marquees for Weddings & Christenings

Buying the best marquee for your money can be tricky…

Firstly, you need to ensure you buy a waterproof marquee that will ensure that you, your guests or your vehicle, etc are kept dry and protected from the rain.

Secondly, your choice of marquee must be big enough for your event, even if it means purchasing a slightly larger one than you actually require.

Finally, your preferred choice must be extra strong.  So when you see one described as galvanised, robust, reinforced, etc, you need to know for definite that the manufacturers are true to their word.

See our reviews below to put your mind at rest… and buy with confidence.

Strong & Reliable Marquees

Quictent Marquee 4x6m

This Quictent marquee is ideal for those of you looking for a slightly cheaper but very good value for money product that can offer all of the features that a larger one can but a fraction of the cost.

It’s ideal to be used for weddings, christenings or to be honest, any other formal gathering as the white colour just makes it look very classy.

Check out the features but as a reassurance pretty much all the parts come with a lifetime guarantee.

Whilst the covers and poles come with a 1-year warranty and after that, you can purchase replacements for 50% the cost.

You will receive everything you need to build the product in the image.

As mentioned above, there are lots of warranties and guarantees regarding the parts and frame, etc, which are better explained on the product listing on Amazon.


  • Total size: 6x4m
  • Apex Height: 3.35m
  • Wall Height: 2m to the edge
  • Door size: width 3.8m
  • Door walk-in height: 2m
  • Window size: 95X114cm
  • Roof canopy material: 180g PE, White, UV protected & waterproof
  • Door and Window sidewall material: 160g PE, White, UV protected, waterproof
  • Frame material: Heavy-duty steel, powder-coated, diameter 38mm, thickness 1.0mm;
  • Joint connector material: Heavy-duty steel, diameter 42mm, thickness 1.5mm;
  • Total weight: 65kg (comes in 3 boxes)

Pros and cons


  • Good level of waterproofing
  • Straightforward to erect
  • Excellent quality
  • Good value
  • Ideal for lots of events
  • Manufacturer warranties
  • Spare parts available


  • Water can pool near edges



The canopy has a higher waterproof rating than the sides and the door.  This is nothing too much to worry about because as you would expect, the canopy takes the heavy brunt of the rain and therefore it needs to have a higher rating.

Good ventilation

This marquee has 2 full-length doors and both of them can be rolled up for extra ventilation should you require it.  The sides can also be attached individually, therefore, if it gets warm or you’d like more access points then you are free to add them or remove them as you wish.


The frame has been powder coated to prevent moisture and oxygen from being able to penetrate the steel frame and will, therefore, prevent rusting and corrosion.

This will help durability and ultimately longevity.

Heavy Duty Frame

Not only are the canopy and sides made from good quality and extra thick polyethylene fabric but the frame is extremely robust and very sturdy.

Check out the video below.  It will give you a better understanding of how to build a 6x4m marquee.

(The product in this video demo is not the product you are buying, it is just an example of how to construct a 6x4m marquee

Toolport Marquee or Party Tent | Family Occasions, Large Party, etc

This is one of the more expensive marquees available right now but it’s definitely up there with the best.

Toolport has over 30 years of experience when it comes to creating tents, so it’s no wonder that this design will tick all your boxes.

As you can see from the image it has arched windows that give it a really elegant look, making it ideal for weddings and any other formal events.

The quick and easy setup makes it perfect for corporate events, markets or any other promotions.

On top of that, it packs away relatively small so you can easily transport it around, again making it perfect if you’re hosting events in a variety of places.

Adaptability is a feature that’s not found among many marquees, but this one allows you to use it however you please as the sides are all detachable – making it ideal to use as a giant gazebo.

See more below.

  • Items
  • Specs
  • Pros and cons
  • Best Features
  • PE Waterproof Canopy (180g)
  • 2 Full-length doors (160g)
  • Sidewalls with windows
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • All parts and connectors
  • 3 carry bags
  • Guy Ropes
  • Tent Pegs

You will receive everything you need to build the product in the image.

As mentioned above, there are lots of warranties and guarantees regarding the parts and frame, etc, which are better explained on the product listing on Amazon.

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  • Total size: 4x8m
  • Wall Height: 2m to the edge
  • Door size: width 3m
  • Door walk-in height: 2m
  • Tarpaulin material: 240g PE, White, UV protected & 100% waterproof
  • Frame material: Galvanised Steel, 38mm, thickness: 1.1mm
  • Joint connector material: Heavy duty steel, diameter 42mm, thickness: 1.3mm
  • Total weight: 86.2kg (comes in 3 boxes)

Check out what we liked about this product

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Super sturdy (footplates)
  • Excellent quality
  • UV Resistant
  • Elegant design
  • One piece roof
  • Safety ropes included
  • Wind deflectors
  • Doesn’t kill grass
  • Requires 2 people to setup


The roof and sides are made up of a 100% waterproof PVC material so you always have comfort knowing your guests have a safe shelter to go to in case of unexpected rainfall. It’s perfect for the unpredictable British weather.

Well lit with natural light

It’s well lit inside thanks to the large windows, but even when it gets dark outside there’s plenty of places to hang up lights to keep your event going on until late in the night.


There are two doors, located at either end of the marquee and both can be opened or closed at will, allowing you to have more control of the climate inside.

Each side also has wind deflectors that help prevent the wind from making it cold under the canopy, it also helps improve the stability. There’s also the option to remove all the sides if you wish, essentially turning it into a gazebo.

Galvanised Steel

Perfect for outdoor use, the steel has been galvanised (treated with a protective zinc coating), so it’s less prone to rust and you can expect it to be around for years to come no matter what elements it is exposed to. The waterproof canopy also protects the steel from being exposed to the weather, also aiding the life span.

Heavy Duty

Not only are the canopy and sides made from good quality and extra thick polyethylene fabric but the frame is extremely robust and very sturdy.

The roof and sides are separate but both are made from a heavy duty PE material that’s 240 g/m² meaning it’s weatherproof and 100% waterproof, no need to worry about your guests getting wet in a sudden downpour.

Easy Assembly

Everything you need is in the box, along with a simple to follow instruction manual that guides you along every step.

As Toolport are experts in their field, they provide you with extras that most companies do not, so you can expect to find ground pegs and safety ropes in your box.

Safety ropes are essential for marquees of this size due to them being able to blow away should the wind become too strong, which can be a huge hazard.

Another benefit to having safety ropes is that it sets a slight boundary, so if there are children running around they will hopefully avoid falling into the sides when they’re playing outside.

Outsunny 8x4m Marquee | Heavy Duty & Ideal for Lawns or Hard Surfaces

Outsunny 8mx4m Marquee

Click Image to view on Amazon

Outsunny is renowned in the canopy world and this marquee lives up to that name, it’s fantastic.

It’s huge, 8m x 4m so you’ve got 32m² of space to play with, it will definitely be enough for most garden events.

Due to the size it makes it ideal for more prestigious events such as weddings, christenings or baby showers. You can fit quite a few tables in there so it’s also great for hosting large meals.

It stays pretty well lit inside thanks to the windows, there’s 4 on each side of the marquee to keep it bright and making it feel roomier.

Both ends are removable, giving you two ways of entering the marquee and they are pretty big entrances.

Each side can also be rolled up, making that an alternative entrance point should you wish. It’s also ideal when it’s a really hot day as this will help you regulate the air flow better to keep your guests cool inside.

  • Items
  • Specs
  • Pros and Cons
  • Best Features
  • Durable waterproof polyethylene cover
  • Galvanised Steel Frame
  • Sidewalls with Windows
  • Joint Connectors
  • Double zipper doors
  • Heavy duty metal base plate
  • Ropes
  • Stakes
Buy on Amazon
  • Total size: 8 x 4m
  • Wall height: 2m
  • Apex height: 2.8m
  • Door height: 2m
  • Frame material: galvanised steel
  • Top cover Material: 180g PE, UV protected & waterproof
  • Sidewall Material: 160g PE, UV protected & waterproof
  • High quality
  • Large size
  • Durable
  • Rust resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Ideal for many events
  • Removable walls
  • Wingnuts for stability
  • Fits more than 50 people
  • Handles well in storms
  • Canopy quite thin
  • Needs 2+ people to build/takedown


The waterproofing served its purpose, even in a bad rainstorm – I’d recommend avoiding using it in this type of weather as it’s always better to host outdoor events in nice weather.

But, you can always have the comfort of knowing it will keep your guests protected in heavy rain.

Weather Resistance

I was so surprised with this marquee, it handles itself so well in bad weather and that’s probably down to Outsunny having so much experience in this industry for many years.

I had another canopy up at the same time and when the weather began to worsen, the cheap canopy just didn’t survive. This marquee, however, stood its ground well.

The ropes provided in the box helped keep it sturdy, alongside the metal base plates.

Water didn’t pool on the roof due to the slopes, which is great but don’t let stand on the outside next to them when it’s raining (it’s a bit like having an outdoor, cold shower).

Removable Sides

All sides are removable and this gives you great control of the air flow and climate inside. Regulating airflow on a hot summer day is essential if you have a large number of guests, it lets the warm air escape and is replaced with cool air.

Another benefit to the removable sides is that you can decide where you want the door to be.

At either end of the marquee, there are large doors that can be rolled/zipped open but should you want an alternative entrance then you can easily take off a side.

Huge Space

This makes it perfect for nearly all events such as parties, weddings, christenings, plus many more. You could even use it as a carport/garage for your car or other vehicles, protecting them from the elements.

With it being so large, you’re probably worried about it killing a large area of your grass, but that’s definitely not the case. As it only covers your grass along the edges, the central part is open and thus keeps your grass free and doesn’t kill it.

Professional Quality

The structure of this is incredible, everything just feels so sturdy and robust. It’s really well designed and it’s definitely comparable to a marquee that you can hire, I’d even go as far as saying it’s better than most hire options.

Extra Support

It comes with stakes and ropes that give it extra support for those windy days, it shows how much the company has really thought about every possibility thanks to their extensive knowledge.

By providing these in the box, straight away you can get it set up on a hard surface as the ropes will help keep it in place. However, if you know the winds might be stronger than normal then you should definitely place it on the grass so you can use the stakes, or avoid setting it up altogether.

Straightforward to build

It’s relatively easy to set up, I’d definitely recommend doing it with at least one other person though as it will make the whole process a lot easier.

Outsunny 6.8x5m Octagonal Marquee | Heavy Duty Wedding Marquee Tent

white octagonal marquee

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This is definitely the one to go for if you’re looking for something that screams “classy”. The unique shape really makes your event stand out and feel like it’s a very important event.

The doors are also not the typical style that you see, they look like drapes, making it truly perfect for a magical wedding party.

Like the other Outsunny marquee, you can also detach each sidewall to make it more open.

Removing all the sides will give you a unique octagonal gazebo.

It’s all fully waterproof, including the doors.

To complement the waterproofing, it features steel roof cranks that have over-winding protection built into them so if it begins to rain, the water will not pool up on the roof and will simply drain down the sides.

  • Items
  • Specs
  • Pros and Cons
  • Best Features
  • Ropes for extra stability
  • 60l storage bag
  • 180g Polyester, waterproof, PA-coated top cover
  • 160g Polyester, waterproof, PA-coated side walls and doors
  • White powder coated steel poles
  • 34mm poles/steel joint connector
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  • Size: 6.8mx5m
  • Side length:2.5m
  • Side height: 2 m
  • Apex height: 3.6 m
  • Roof Material: 180g Waterproof Polyester
  • Side/Door Material: 160g Waterproof Polyester
  • Elegant design
  • 6 removable sidewalls
  • 2 removable doors
  • PVC Church Windows
  • Large open space
  • Rust & Corrosion resistant powder coat
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Heavy duty steel
  • None as of yet…

Large Sheltered Area

You get approximately 30m² of space which can comfortably fit at least 40 people standing, so it can be used in a commercial or recreational manner.

Octagon Design

Without a doubt, the design is the greatest feature of this octagon marquee. It really opens up your event, giving an open space that feels comfortable and airy.

It can cater for around 45 people, but if you remove all the sides then you’ll easily be able to fit more under the canopy.

Elegant Doors

These doors are a sight to behold. They look so professional and elegant, it’s honestly one of the best gazebos out there when it comes to looking the part, making them perfect for weddings.

The doors tie back easily and provide a nice wide opening, the best part is they look like drapes.

Easy to Setup

Usually, they are quite a challenge to put up when they are this size.

However, I was completely wrong and it was so simple to build.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Also, once you’ve finished, everything packs away easily into the 60l bag.

Cost Effective

It’s much better than hiring out a marquee from a professional company. With the ease of setup, there’s literally no benefit to hiring one as you’ll probably find that would cost more than buying this.


The powder coating gives it great protection from rust and corrosion, if you’re curious as to what this actually entails then read our guide on powder coating. Come rain or come shine, either way, you will be fine with the waterproof PVC canopy. PA coating is applied to the entirety of the canopy, meaning the water will slide off with ease.

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