Best Mini Greenhouses to Grow Veg at Home… Reviewed for 2022

If you’re like us here at Gazebo Jungle then we’re sure you’re fed up with all of the scaremongering about the U.K running out of fresh fruit and vegetables due to Brexit.

Well, it may be true, but why not take advantage of the situation and buy a mini greenhouse, potato grow bags if you’re a newbie or wooden veggie planters to grow your own.

You won’t be able to produce your annual supply of fruit and veg in a small greenhouse, grow bags or planters but you can start saving some money by growing your own crops.

Mini Greenhouses

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Palram Harmony Greenhouse 6x4ft

Firstly, don’t worry if this 6x6ft greenhouse is not the size that you require because this model is available in 5 different sizes as you can see in the title above and two different colours, green and silver.

In this instance I’ll be reviewing the 6x6ft version as personally, I’ve always had a soft spot for square greenhouses.  Let’s go, first up is the colour…

I do prefer this green version of the product as the darker colour will hide any scratches or scuff marks.  Whilst we’re on the subject of scuffs and scratches.

This product is kept outdoors and has a rust-resistant coating, however, the frame will last much longer if you try to prevent scratches as this will reduce the effectiveness of the powder coating.

You’ll also be pleased to know that once it’s been built that it is maintenance-free and you can enjoy growing your spring to autumn crops inside it.

Pros and cons


  • Easy to assemble
  • Good value for money
  • Ideal for allotments or garden
  • Responsive suppliers
  • Polycarbonate panels let in lots of light


  • Hinged door and not a sliding one


Strong Panels

Once unpacked and handled, the polycarbonate panels (windows, etc) feel quite flimsy to the touch but once they have been fitted into the frame they are extremely strong and a good fit.

Polycarbonate panels have often been described as being unbreakable.

Multi-Surface Use

This greenhouse can be used on a variety of firm, level surfaces.

However, you must ensure that if you place it on a softer surface then it must be securely anchored down to ensure that it isn’t blown away as it is very light.

UV Protection

The polycarbonate glazing panels provide 100% UV protection (ultraviolet rays).

This may be unknown to you but this will prevent the panels from turning yellow and as they don’t have sharp edges this means they will prevent cuts when fitting them.


This greenhouse measures 6x6ft, which is a great size for those looking for the best greenhouse for first-timers growing their own vegetables.

  • External dimensions: 250Lx185Wx209H cm
  • Growing area: 4.4m²
  • Peak Height: 209cm
  • Wind load: 75km/hr
  • Snow load: 100kg/m2
  • Colours: Silver, green, blue
  • Warranty: 5 Years

The walk-in height also ensures that most people do not have to bend to enter and can walk freely inside too.

Built-in Features

Gutter – There is a built-in gutter that helps to channel and collect rainwater

Vent – There is a window that has been added that ensures that you can add extra ventilation should you require it.


Harbour Housewares Greenhouse 6x4ft

This harbour housewares temporary greenhouse is ideal for growing your own vegetables at home.

It’s very easy to build and can be constructed in about 10 minutes by 2 people, especially as the instructions are easy to follow too.

To the front of the greenhouse, you have a walk-in height of 1.96m with a rollable door that can be rolled up and clipped with 2 secure fasteners that hold it tight.

To the rear, there is a ventilation window that has velcro attachments and can be tied up with the cord that is attached to the cover

Pros and cons


  • Retains up to 40% more heat than glass
  • Walk-in height 1.96metres
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Sturdy tubular frame


  • The cover will degrade over time


Easy to Build

Constructing this Harbour greenhouse is simple and the instructions are very easy to follow (can be built without using instructions).

The tubular frame is very easy to fit together and the cover just slots over the top of the greenhouse and can be placed over the top of the frame even before you attach the frame legs.

No tools are required to build this product…

Large Storage

The 8 shelves provide plenty of room to place your plants or vegetables away from the ground.  The wire shelves fit perfect and just slot over the frame.

There is also room underneath the shelves and also in the walk-in area should you require extra growing room for additional crops.

Walk-in Height

For most people buying this walk-in greenhouse, they will be able to comfortably walk straight in without crouching as the max head height is just short of 2 metres (1.96m/196cm).

Garden Grow Polycarbonate Greenhouse

This great looking 6x4ft polycarbonate greenhouse is ideal for those of you wanting to grow your own vegetables and fruit on your own property.

The frame is strong which gives added reassurance that it can stand up to bad weather, whilst it has also been painted with a protective coating to prevent rust and corrosion.

The sliding door utilises space and with it sliding sideways it ensures that it cannot be blown shut that could possibly lead to potential damage to the frame.

The twin UV polycarbonate panels that slot into the frame are a great alternative to glass and provide excellent heat retention and diffuse even sunlight.

Polycarbonate is a popular garden material >> See these Polycarbonate Gazebos

Gardenmate Potato Grow Bags 30 Litres

Grow bags are a great alternative to buying mini greenhouses or planters as they can be placed pretty much anywhere and are loads cheaper.

You will receive 3 x 30-litre bags, so should you be a newbie to growing potatoes or any crop for that matter you can do a test run by using just one of them to start with.

Testing with 1 grow bag will mean you only have to purchase enough compost to fill your first bag, so, once you get your head around growing produce at home you’ll soon get the other 2 out.

You can also buy compost from Amazon too in varying sizes  Below we normally highlight exactly what you will receive, however, in this case, we’ve told you already…

Pros and cons


  • Non-breakable from frost or if dropped
  • Reinforced seams and stitched corners
  • No assembly
  • Very strong handles
  • Ideal for tomatoes
  • Soft-sided material
  • High Insect and disease resistance
  • Easy to lift and carry


  • Smaller than expected (60 litres are available)


Soft-sided plant pots

It may not be obvious but the soft-sided material bags provide an environment for better aeration and promote healthy root structures.

This will benefit your crop by ensuring they grow better by aiding nutrition absorption by the roots.

Water permeable

The bags are porous which means they have very small interstices (very small spaces) which provide adequate and controlled drainage, whilst ensuring that air can circulate around the bag.

Overwatering can often fast-track disease and death of your crops whilst poor air circulation can hinder growth, therefore you will not have this problem if you buy this bag…

Easy to use

These bags are easy to use which means as first-time, novice gardeners you can learn very quickly what it takes to grow your first crop, and then maybe one day you’ll venture into buying a mini greenhouse or maybe a polytunnel.

Also, once you have harvested your crop you can empty the compost into your garden and reuse the bags at a later date simply by folding them and storing them away.

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