The 5 Best Outdoor Dog Houses for Small, Medium & Large Dogs From Leading Brands

Ensuring your dog is well protected and sheltered whilst sleeping or resting in its outdoor doghouse is paramount.  We all care deeply for our canine friends…

Buying an unsuitable house for your dog can quickly make it feel uncomfortable, unhappy, stressed and could even make your dog go off its food if it’s feeling any of the effects mentioned.

We’ve catered for small, medium, and large-sized dogs.  Click to see recommended products


The Best Outdoor Dog Houses Must Be…

  • The Correct Size
  • Elevated off the Ground
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Draftproof
  • Safe from Predators & Pests

Best Outdoor Dog Houses

Best Outdoor Dog Houses to Keep Your Dog Dry & Safe

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Dog House Sizes

What Size Should a Dog House Be?

When looking to buy a dog house the dimensions should be no more than 25% taller than your dog, 20% longer than your dog’s length and the width should be 10% wider than your dog’s length.

Do Dogs Like Big or Small Doghouses?

Although doghouses need to be roomy enough for your dog, a dog instinctively wants to curl up in a cozy, snug place but big enough to be able to move around freely.  Use the above figures as a guide.

What is the Average Size of a Dog Kennel?

Dog kennels for large dogs (75-90lbs) tend to be around 40-46″ long (43″).  Medium dog kennels are around 32-38″ long (avg. 35″) and smaller kennels average around 28 inches in length.

Elevated Kennels

Why do Kennel Floors Need to be Off the Ground?

Outdoor dog kennels are elevated to help noise reduction, keep the temperature regulated by staying off the cold floor, reduce the chance of predators or pests from entering the kennel.

Do Dogs Prefer Elevated Kennels?

Dogs initially may be a little apprehensive about an elevated dog house especially if you have a very small dog that may need to walk up a ladder.  Mose dogs like elevated kennels and simply pop their nose in,  then walk in.


Are Outdoor Doghouses Waterproof?

Not all doghouses are created equal, but all manufacturers have the original intention of their dog house is waterproof.  However, as mentioned, some doghouses are more waterproof than others…

Are Plastic Doghouses Waterproof?

A well-made plastic doghouse should be fully waterproof as are minimal joins due to a technique called line bending.  This cuts out most gaps as the plastic is moulded into shape rather than cut and joined together.

Are Wooden Dog Houses Waterproof?

Yes, wooden dog houses are waterproof, although the waterproof effectiveness may be reduced over time.  A safe dog-friendly spray coating or protective paint can be used when you see tell-tale signs of weakness.


How to Make a Dog Kennel Draughtproof?

Getting rid of draughts is easy and can be done in many ways.  You can use caulking to plug cracks and seal corners, add plastic sides where wooden sides have split, improve the roof by replacing panels or painting it.

Should the floor of the kennel be letting in the cold, you can add stilts to the external corners to lift it from the ground and also add an easy to clean vinyl flooring that will help block out cold air.

Predators & Pests

How to Make Outdoor Dog Kennel Safe?

To make your outdoor kennel safe you can reinforce the roof and sides from predators with plastic or wooden panels, depending on the original material your kennel was made from.

If your kennel sits on the ground it’s best to add mounts in the corners to lift it off the ground and prevent rotting, pests or predators from entering and limits the ground temperature making the kennel cold.

The safest way to make your kennel safe is to ensure the kennel is solid and robust but most importantly, attach a run or enclosure to the front of the kennel..  This will add an extra security level and keep your dog safe.


PETSFIT – Best Dog House for Small & Medium Dogs

This Petsfit weatherproof doghouse is ideal for small to medium dogs that need an outdoor shelter that can be left outdoors all year round.  It can protect against wind, snow rain and sun.

This cedar doghouse exudes strength and durability due to the materials used and weighs 21.0kg in total.  It is simple to build and can be taken apart easily enough to clean.

Petsfit Wooden Dog House
  • Roof can be opened, bottom floor can be removed for easier cleaning
  • Inner Size:36.6"L X 22.3"W X 22"H
  • Easily assemble with pre-drilled hole
  • Weatherproof dog house keep your pet from rain, snow and sun
  • Include the door flap, interior dimension and door dimension, please refer to...

The internal measurements are 36.6″L X 22.3″W X 22″H whilst the external measurements are 40.8″ X 26″ X 27.6″ and the color is only available in light gray.

Pros and cons


Easy to Assemble
Simple to Clean
Can be left outdoors
Use indoors or outdoors
Made from Cedar
Looks great


Floor needs reinforcing


Made from Cedar

Cedar is an excellent wood for outdoor products, especially products that need to stand up to harsh weather conditions.  Cedar can withstand moisture, reduce noise and it is a natural insect repellant.

Cedar is really strong and can last many years.  This cedar doghouse can be painted or sprayed if necessary but ensure you use dog-friendly waterproof sprays or pet safe water-based paints.

Versatile Use

Weighing just 21kg and with a weatherproof asphalt roof, this doghouse can be used indoors or outdoors. And carrying it between the two really isn’t too much trouble.

The adjustable feet mean you can set it up easily on uneven surfaces outdoors, and then adjust them again to a level surface indoors. This really is a versatile doghouse.

Fast Assembly

Having something that can be assembled quickly is a huge bonus. There are pre-drilled holes, and putting this doghouse together is a breeze. It won’t take more than an afternoon to get it up.

Better yet, the doghouse can be disassembled quickly too.

That means cleaning it is super easy and you don’t need to worry about mess building up inside. Or just simply open the top with its pneumatic brace for quick cleaning, too.

Kennels Imperial | Best XL Insulated Dog Kennel

This Kennels Imperial doghouse puts your dog’s comfort at the heart of everything.

From the floor being raised to 5cm above the ground level so the kennel floor remains dry, to the insulation of the side panels and front for warmth.

Kennels Imperial® Extra Large Insulated Wooden Norfolk Dog Kennel With Removable Floor For...
  • Insulation on the front and all side panels (2 sides and back). Insulation...
  • External dimensions of Norfolk Dog Kennel: 116cm (46") Width x 79cm (31")...
  • Removable Floor for easy cleaning, maintance and pest control. Roof that opens,...
  • Raised floor, 5cm ground clearance, allows air to circulate under Kennel keeping...
  • Made from animal friendly treated timber, designed to last for years. Feet of...

Made from high-quality fir wood, this kennel is treated to withstand all weather, and the asphalt roof will protect your dog in even the strongest downpours.

The tongue-and-groove joints complete this durable doghouse.

The external measurements are 46″ W x 31″ D x 32″ H so it’s a great example of an XL doghouse for the larger dogs. The door is 38 cm W x 47cm H, so there’s plenty of room to get in and out.

Pros and cons


Insulated kennel
Tongue-and-groove joints
High-quality fir wood
Waterproof asphalt roof
Raised floor for comfort
PVC strip curtain on the door


Check asphalt roof for leaks after a few years
Raised Floor


Raised Floor

The 5cm raised floor is a genuinely thoughtful feature on offer here, and one not many kennels think to add. If this wasn’t raised, it would be sitting on the damp grass, compromising the comfort of your dog.

Besides that, the floor being in constant contact with damp surfaces could lead to rot, despite the high-quality fir, so it’s a much-needed design choice that solves a common problem with outdoor kennels.

Insulated Kennel

The insulation is rare in a doghouse, too. The front, back, and side panels are all insulated with 1.2cm thick fir, 1.3cm thick styrofoam, and 0.2cm thick plywood board.

It’s a clever design, too, because it allows the heat to stay in during colder nights, keeping your dog comfortable, and it keeps the kennel cool on warmer nights, so it’s a win-win.

PVC Strip Curtain On Door

Many doghouses leave the doors exposed, but this can be a hindrance in many ways. Not only can it be drafty, but nuisance bugs and insects can get inside too, disturbing your dog.

With a PVC strip curtain, your dog can easily get in and out themselves, but other smaller insects and cold breezes can’t, so it’s just another way this doghouse keeps your dog comfortable.

Fit Choice | Best Portable Dog House Crate

The Fit Choice doghouse on offer here is the best portable indoor/outdoor doghouse on the market today. It’s made of a deluxe 600D PVC that is scratch-resistant and a breeze to clean.

Fit Choice Elevated Dog House, More Than Basics Extra Large Dog House W/ Strong Beam Support Up...
  • 🦮 LUXURY ELEVATED DOG HOUSE FOR LARGE DOGS: W/ the most popular size...
  • 🦮 COZY HOME FOR YOUR PET FRIEND: Bring your companion friend home! Fit Choice...
  • 🦮 STRONG BEDROOM: Your pet friends will definitely enjoy the stay in Fit...
  • 🦮 CASTLE BUILT IN MINUTES: Fit Choice outdoor large dog houses offer...
  • 🦮 WORRY-FREE TRAVELING: You can take Fit Choice portable ventilated dog house...

This is also one of the fastest doghouses to build with no tools required and a helpful quick setup guide.  Its lightweight design is easy to move anywhere, anytime.

Available in Medium (30.7″ x 24.4″ x 32.4″), Large (36.6″ x 36.6″ x 40.9″), and Extra Large (48.8″ x 35.8″ x 48.8″), dimensions are length x width x height – this doghouse can accommodate most dogs.

Pros and cons


Lightweight, easy-to-move design
No tool setup
9″ elevated floor
Durable 600D PVC material
Anti-skid feet
Steel metal structure
Well ventilated


Not waterproof


No Tool Setup

Having a quick, no-tool setup is an advantage in any product, but especially a new doghouse which can often be complicated – especially timber ones. But this PVC doghouse is anything but.

A helpful setup guide ships with the doghouse and tells you everything you need to know, and it will only take you around 5 minutes to complete. Fast and easy!

Anti-Skid Feet

It isn’t a design feature you see on every doghouse, so seeing it here is exciting. It just means that when your dog is climbing in or climbing out, the feet will stay put.

This is a really important safety feature, especially with extra-large sizes for larger dogs, who could cause themselves an injury without the stability of the anti-skid feet on offer here.

600D PVC

It’s not often you’ll find an indoor/outdoor doghouse that’s made of 600D PVC instead of timber, so it’s a nice change here. PVC is strong and water-resistant, so it’s an excellent choice.

PVC won’t rot like mistreated timber will, and it’s scratch-resistant, so will stay looking sleek and modern with its grey PVC for years to come, and that’s a really nice touch.

Pawhut – Best Wicker Dog House Rattan Bed

This Pawhut doghouse is possibly one of the most stylish options on the list. Suitable for small and medium dogs, this rattan wicker doghouse is perfect in the garden or indoors.

PawHut Wicker Dog House Raised Rattan Bed for Indoor/Outdoor with Cushion Lounge, Charcoal Grey
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR DOG HOUSE: This dog bed with a modern design and roof shelter...
  • WEATHER FIGHTING MATERIAL: The hand-woven weather fighting PE rattan material on...
  • COMFORTABLE SLEEPING BED: This dog shelter is upholstered with a splash-proof...
  • ELEVATED DESIGN: The 4 legs of this pet bed include anti-slip padding for extra...
  • DOG SHELTER INFORMATION: Overall Dimension: 38.5" L x 27.25" W x 28.75" H; Bed...

The shelter isn’t enclosed, but it’s perfect for warm weather and lounging in the sun with the roof supplying ample shade to the raised dog bed below. The steel frame beneath the wicker material supports this bed well, too.

The dimensions are 38.5″ (length) x 27.25″ (width) x 28.75″ (height), and the bed itself is 31.5″ (length) x 26.5″ (width), so there’s plenty of room for small and medium-sized dogs.

Pros and cons


Modern, sleek design

Weather-resistant wicker

Raised bed

Shaded below roof

A Solid steel support frame

Indoor/outdoor use


Not enclosed


Solid Steel Support Frame

The wicker material is the star of this rattan style doghouse, but without the sturdy steel frame, there wouldn’t be a lot to praise here. Why? Because the sturdy frame provides longevity.

The PE rattan wicker material is durable, but the structural integrity relies on the solid steel support frame. With continued daily use, this doghouse can handle anything because of its durable steel frame.

Modern, Sleek Design

Many people won’t think about a doghouse’s design as being too important, but when it’s an indoor/outdoor one, style really does matter and it can make all the difference.

This wicker doghouse is perfect, because it looks just as great outside on a lawn as it does in the living room for a relaxing place for your dog to unwind.

The charcoal grey colours will match every interior and exterior thrown at it.

Weather Resistant Wicker

Whilst this doghouse isn’t waterproof because it isn’t enclosed, it is still weather resistant. The wicker design would keep the dog bed beneath the roof dry in a light shower, for example.

But more than that, the PE rattan wicker is resistant to fading in sunlight too, so it really has been designed with all weather in mind and it can withstand it all to a certain degree.

Ferplast – Best Plastic Outdoor Doghouse

The Ferplast doghouse is a wonderfully conceptualised doghouse that’s perfect for outdoor use. Made from anti-shock plastic that’s waterproof and will provide UV protection.

Ferplast Dog Kennel, 43.7 x 33.07 x 31.1"
  • Durable Dog House | Made with anti-shock robust plastic that is waterproof & UV...
  • Patented Fold-Out Porch | Side panel opens into a porch providing additional...
  • Suitable Ventilation | Large entry-way, fold-out porch along with built-in...
  • Easy Assembly Dog House | Outdoor dog house does not require any tools for...
  • Manufacturer's Warranty | Each Dog Villa dog house includes a 1-Year...

There’s a ventilation and drainage system inside to keep the floor dry, a porch design that can open up for more space and ventilation, and it’s perfect for large dog breeds.

The dimensions are 37.4″ (length) x 25.98″ (width) x 26.77″ (height) and so large dog breeds will be comfortable here, and it all fits together without tools – just slot everything into place.

Pros and cons


Tough, plastic design

Waterproof & UV resistant

Ventilation and drainage system

Patented porch design

Anti-shock plastic

Perfect for large dogs

Great outdoor option


Handle with care


Ventilation And Drainage System

To have a doghouse with a built-in drainage system is wonderful, because it means the dogs will be comfortable at night if there are any moisture, dampness, or accidents.

The ventilation system is great too, because where water can get out, air can get in, but there are also some additional ventilation points to keep the dogs inside safe and comfortable whenever they’re inside.

Patented Porch Design

This patented porch design is a great way to open up the doghouse when the dog is being supervised in the garden, as it creates a wide, open space where the dog can relax and cool off.

Simply fold down the side panel to create the porch area, creating additional living space for the dog. This is a thoughtful and useful design addition that adds to this doghouse’s value.

Anti-Shock Plastic

Made of a strong and durable anti-shock plastic, this doghouse is built to last the distance. Anti-shock means it’s resistant to breaking on impact, which is useful for any outdoor product.

In addition, the plastic is also waterproof and UV resistant, meaning the dogs this doghouse is designed for will all be safe and comfortable inside a well-built doghouse.

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