Heavy Duty Pergola Kits for Your Patio & Garden… Reviewed For 2022

by Charlie Winters

If you’re looking for something to give your garden a little more structure, without necessarily taking up lots of space, then a pergola might be an excellent choice for you.

Pergolas are great at adding an exciting new element to your garden. They’ll provide you with some shade, a little bit of privacy, and are excellent to decorate however you please.

If you’re going to invest in a pergola you need one that is sturdy, attractive, and guaranteed to last a long time.

Pergola Kits

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VidaXL Bamboo Pergola Kit

At 1.95m x 1.95m x 1.95m, this pergola is the smallest option but it had to be included for those people with smaller outdoor spaces that don’t want to take up more room.

It’s made of a bamboo, so it is quite sturdy and the color is very attractive. Being natural bamboo, it has a way of fitting seamlessly into an outdoor space instantly.

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VidaXL has designed a pergola that is sturdy and more than capable of growing hanging plants up it if you desired, so it could make for an even more intimate space to sit under.

Galvanized screws are included in the package when it arrives, so you can be even more confident in it’s durability. The best part is, assembly is easy and all parts are included.


Attractive Design

Being made of natural bamboo, this pergola is very attractive. Yes, there can be slight imperfections because of the materials, but it adds to the character of the structure.

It blends into any garden space seamlessly, and because of it’s sturdy frame, you’d be able to embellish it with your own decorations to make it look even more impressive.

Built To Last

A pergola that is this small probably shouldn’t be built as sturdily as this, but VidaXL have made sure that the frame is a structure that will be standing for years to come.

The galvanized steel screws mean that it will be robust against all weather conditions. The manufacturers really have built this pergola with it being a permanent outdoor structure in mind.

Quick Assembly

This pergola comes with clear instructions in the package when it arrives at your door. Following them couldn’t be simpler and you’ll have the pergola built in no time.

Whilst it is technically possible for you to do it alone, we always find that a helping hand when building anything for outdoor use is always best, so ask someone for help if you can.

Slightly Smaller Design

There might be some people who view this as a negative, but even with a large garden you might not want a pergola to take up so much room, so this design is perfect.

It means it can fit into the smallest gardens where necessary, but it’s also a great choice if you’re just trying to create a slightly more private area in a larger garden too.


Festnight Corner Pergola Kit

This pergola is slightly larger than the VidaXL option listed above, at 2.56m x 2.56m x 2.25m, so make sure you have the space available if you’re interested in this one.

It is very cleverly designed though, so if you have the corner space to fit it in, then it’s a brilliant choice, and one of the most unique options on this list for you to consider.

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The wood is an attractive pinewood that has been specifically treated to be rot and weather resistant, so you know it is built to last outside regardless of the weather.

A trellis that sits on top of the four fence panels is an excellent way to make the space feel even more private, and it’s great for you to grow plants on, or even hang lights from.


Clever Corner Design

Not only does the corner design allow you to position it in your garden in creative ways, it also gives you some extra privacy which can make sitting outdoors feel much nicer.

The bonus of the trellis along the fence panels really does make it feel more intimate, and it’ll protect you from the wind if a breeze picks up whilst your enjoying the outdoors too.

Rot And Weather Resistant Wood

The attractive pinewood has been treated to make it rot and weather resistant, so you don’t need to worry about treating it yourself when you finally get it built.

This just gives you added peace of mind that Festnight really care about their products going the extra mile, so you can be sure that it’ll be standing for more than just one summer!

Easy Assembly

All of the side panels arrive prebuilt, and the package contains everything you need to build the rest, so getting this pergola set up couldn’t be simpler, especially with two people.

Once it’s up, you’ll find that the corner design actually provides it with slightly more stability. In other words, this pergola won’t sway in low winds or risk breaking in higher ones.

Creates An Intimate Outdoor Space

Sometimes you just want privacy, even when you’re sitting outdoors. This corner design with it’s high fence panels and additional trellis provide you with just that.

The unique fan shaped wood on the top also provides you with an excellent place to hang some lighting, so you can stay up enjoying the outdoors even when the sun has gone down!


Rutland County Garden Pergola Kit

Rutland County’s pergola is rather large at 4.2m x 4.2m, but it is definitely a pergola that will make any guests sit up and pay attention to it, because it is very impressive.

Being so large, this pergola might take a few people to construct, but the instructions are clear and everything is included again, so it shouldn’t take you more than an afternoon to set up.

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The pergola itself is made of a very attractive redwood, which means that this is the only darker wood option on the list, so it could be better suited to you and your tastes.

It’s been specifically built to be heavy duty, and the timber has been pressure treated meaning that this large structure will be robust against all weathers and will remain stable.


Wonderful Redwood

Some people prefer the lighter woods already looked at so far, such as bamboo or pinewood, but this redwood option is truly eye catching and it’ll impress almost everybody.

Darker wood may suit your garden as the colour may coordinate with existing colours. If a darker wood theme is something you’re looking for, then this is one of the best.

Impressive Structure

Whilst not everybody has the room for something as large as this, if you do have the room, then this is a pergola that’s going to really fill the space whilst leaving it quite open too.

Anybody who sees it will be impressed by it, and it’d work great as a structure over a patio or outdoor dining area to provide the space with a little bit of structure.

Pressure Treated Timber

When wood is pressure treated it simply means that liquid preservative has been soaked into the woods fibres and then heated to make sure that the preservative lasts.

This will protect your wood against rot damage and other weather related damage for years to come, so you won’t need to worry about any maintenance on the pergola.

Notched Rafters And Side Runners

Constructing the pergola will certainly require some assistance, but the notched rafters and side runners mean that aligning them will be simple enough to do.

The notched designs also add another element of stability to the pergola itself. Because they slide together and are fixed in place so easily, you can be confident in its durability.

Arbor Garden Solutions Pergola DIY Kit

This pergola is sized at 3.59m x 3.59m x 2.84m so it sits towards the larger end of average, which could make this the perfect size for your garden depending on your available space.

It comes in two available colours, a natural light green or a rustic brown finish, although the light green of the more natural finish appears to be the most popular choice.

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It uses a notched design like the Rutland County option above, so it is built to be sturdy and easily aligned when constructing. It’ll make the whole thing that much easier to build.

The timber is construction grade, pressure treated, and Arbor Garden Solutions claim that this pergola is covered by up to 15 years of rot resistance, which makes this a very impressive structure.


15 Years Rot-Resistance

Many other pergolas boast about their sturdiness, but Arbor Garden Solutions has actually put a timescale on it.

Knowing that you could reasonably assume to be able to use this pergola for up to 15 years, you can be confident that the money you are investing now is well worth it.

Easy Assembly

All of the wood comes pre-cut and ready to assemble, so all you need to do is follow the instructions and put the frame together with the predrilled holes for guidance.

The notched design makes alignment easier and it’ll help add to the robustness of the structure, so it’ll be much stronger at dealing with any winds that it might face outside.

Popular Light Green Design

The softwood pine that this pergola is made of has a natural light green tinge to it that makes it much easier for your pergola to blend in to the outdoor space you have with ease.

Again, it’s nice to see a pergola with a slightly different colour available because so often you are limited to a select few choices, but this light green colour certainly looks great!

Manufacturer Says Height Can Be Adjusted

This pergola is designed initially to be 2.3m high after digging holes and setting it into concrete, which will make the end product much more stable over time as a result.

The manufacturers recommend cutting the height of the posts down to 2.3m high and then setting it up. It’s good to see a pergola with options!


Forest Garden Radial Pergola Kit

At 2.75m x 2.75m x 2.49m, this innovative 90-degree corner pergola is perfect for any outdoor space. Simply set it up in a corner of your garden to create your own private sanctuary.

The timber is smooth-planed so it isn’t rough to the touch and it has been pressure treated for lasting durability against weather and rot issues that outdoor structures might face.

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Delivered flat packed with simple to follow instructions, you could reasonably have this constructed and in place in just a few hours, so it really is quick and easy to do!

The wood is attractive unpainted but should you want a natural look, Forest Garden advise using a weatherproof paint if you want to style this pergola to make it your own.


Smooth-Planed Pressure Treated Timber

Safety and stability are clearly priorities for Forest Garden, and it’s good to see. The smooth-planed wood means you don’t need to worry about splinters or scratching yourself on rough material.

It’s pressure treated too and it also comes with a 15 year guarantee against rot resistance, so you can be sure that it is built to last. It’s always good to hear when buying outdoor structures.

You Can Make The Design Your Own

Although most pergolas probably can be painted, it’s good to see that Forest Garden suggest you do this. It reassures you that painting won’t damage the wood in any way.

Having a pergola that you can personalise and make into something that suits your garden and style will make your outdoor space feel more personal to you.

Flat Packed Ready To Build

Nothing is more convenient than a flat packed pergola with pre drilled holes and screws included. Setting it up will be incredibly easy, and there are always instructions to refer back to if needs be.

The manufacturers recommend that it would take most people between one and four hours to build, so really it won’t take up much of your day, and you’ll be sat beneath it relaxing in no time.

Adds Angles To Your Garden

A corner pergola that sits at a 90 degree angle is always going to look interesting, but it looks even more so when surrounded by the straight lines that are present in most gardens.

Adding this other dimension can really help space feel more interesting, and sitting inside a corner pergola feels much more private too, so it looks and feels better.