Are Hardtop Gazebos Waterproof?

A hardtop gazebo is a great addition to your backyard and although they’re quite a sizeable investment they can help create many great memories with family or friends.

Obviously, you’ll want to be able to use your solid roofed gazebo all year round so you may be wondering, do hardtop gazebo roofs leak?

As long as you follow the instructions when you build your hardtop gazebo, then no, your hardtop gazebo will not leak.  Hardtop gazebos can withstand a certain amount of snow load too.

Benefits of a Solid Roofed Hardtop Gazebo

There are many benefits of choosing a gazebo with a solid roof, such as;

  • Roofing metal is more durable

If you’re looking for a durable gazebo then choosing a metal-roofed gazebo is a great choice.  Some hardtop gazebos have metal roofs, whilst others have polycarbonate panels with metal fixings.

Whichever type you buy, they’re both are excellent choices.  The solid metal roof protects against bad weather, whilst polycarbonate does the same but allows light to enter via the panels.

When it comes to longevity, a metal-roofed gazebo is a great option. You won’t have to be concerned with repairing or replacing the roof due to its robustness and durability.

Additionally, metal is more weather resistant than wooden roofing when soaked by rain.  A metal roof can endure heavy rains, winds, and even piles of snow.

gazebo in the snow

You won’t have any issues with rot, insects, fire, mold, and/or mildew with a metal roof like you would if you had a wooden roof.

  • Easy to install

Solid roof gazebos are straightforward to install, however, you’ll normally require the help of a friend.  Depending on the shape of the gazebo you’ll generally have no problem following the instructions.

Sometimes the instructions can be a little difficult to follow but as long as your helper is familiar with backyard construction then you’ll be fine.

  • Weather-resistant

Metal roofing is resistant to weather conditions, such as snow, wind, and rain. If installed properly, you don’t have to be concerned with the metal roof on your gazebo leaking.

Rainwater will just run off the roof and some types of gazebos even have drains.  Should you encounter snow, then the help guide would normally inform you of the maximum snow load of the roof.

If the maximum snow load is not listed then I recommend that you brush it off with a yard brush once it starts accumulating.  Snow build-up is manageable but give your gazebo a hand and brush it off…

  • Fire-Resistance

Metal is not only weather-resistant but also resistant to fire.  In fact, metal is considered one of the most non-combustible materials.

Metal roofing reflects heat from the sun, so you don’t have to worry about being too hot when you’re trying to relax under your gazebo on a nice day.

However, an installation of a gazebo fan can be necessary for overly hot states in the US.

ceiling fan

The Downside of Metal Roofed-Gazebos

There are some downsides to metal roofed-gazebos such as;

  • Metal can be noisy

Metal is like a drum- when rain, hail, and anything else hits it, you’ll find that it can be quite noisy.

Some hardtop gazebos have a reinforced underside that acts as a soundproofing layer that can dampen the noise of rain or hail hitting the rooftop.

rain roof

Alternatively, you may add your own type of soundproofing.

  • Metal can dent or be damaged

Some roofing materials are of lower quality, such as aluminum or copper, which means they’re much more likely to dent/damage than other types of roofs.

Therefore, you may need to replace it if you get a really bad hailstorm.

  • Can be expensive

The biggest disadvantage of a metal roof is the cost.

Since it’s considered a premium material, the cost can be up to $150 to $600 per square. On the other hand, 25-year asphalt shingles will only cost you around $150 to $200 per square.

As long as it’s installed properly and taken care of, you won’t likely need to replace it.

If you plan to keep your gazebo around for a long time, a metal roof is an obvious choice- even though the initial investment can be costly.


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