How Long do Gazebos Last?

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Most will stand the test of time….

Are you tempted to buy a gazebo but you’re wondering how long it will last?

It all depends on the type of gazebo you plan on buying.

See below where we’ll explain in more detail.

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How Long Will a Gazebo Last?

When it comes to having a nice, shady area that you and your family can enjoy even on the hottest days of the summer, a gazebo will be the perfect solution for most homeowners.

However, when it comes to buying these outdoor structures, many people find themselves at a loss in terms of what would work best in their yard.

Of course, you want to make sure that you invest in a piece that will last you for quite some time, but that will depend almost entirely on the material your gazebo is made from.

Here are the lifespans of the three most popular materials available that can help you make the right choice today.

Wooden Gazebos

Many homeowners find themselves drawn to the natural beauty of wooden gazebos.

These structures can take almost any space and add a sense of elegance the moment they’re installed.

However, there are a few factors you’ll want to take into consideration when purchasing a wooden gazebo.  Wood, over time, will naturally start to decay.

This can be caused by age, rotting as a result of heavy rains or humidity, and even pest problems.

In fact, most wooden gazebos can’t really be guaranteed for much longer than a few years.

metal gazebo in a park

You’ve probably seen one of these in your local park

Metal Gazebos

Metal gazebos are becoming much more popular for new homeowners for the simple fact that they can last for decades.

A gazebo built out of this material will be sure to withstand all the different weather patterns and harsh conditions as long as you provide it with the maintenance it needs.

These types of gazebo can normally be drilled into deck via the pre-drilled holes in the frame or footplates.

This creates a very sturdy structure that can then be left outdoors all year round and for years to come, too.

Pop up Canopy

Also referred to as pop up gazebos, these types of temporary structures can be quickly built for instant shelter from the sun or wet weather.

If you buy a heavy-duty canopy then you can comfortably get 3-5 years of regular use, however, extra care would need to be taken to get this type of length out of it.

There are varying levels of strength, waterproofing and also sizes available to buy but personally, I would buy the higher ticket item as you will get more use out of it and better protection from hot and wet weather.

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